Growing up in the 90’s before the internet if you were any sort of gamer then nothing could have topped inviting over friends for some couch co-op. We spent countless hours chasing one another down in Goldeneye, hurling each other off the screen in Super Smash Bros. and popping everyone else’s balloons in Mario Kart […]

OSI Model The OSI Model is the architectural model for all network communications. The seven layers are representative of the different protocols and services that are necessary to establish end-to-end connectivity between hosts. You have to have a thorough understanding of the OSI Model in order to establish a root-cause and troubleshoot connectivity errors. Application […]

I had never heard of a homelab before and if someone had asked me about it I would have assumed that someone was running some sort of underground pharmaceutical ring out of their basement. Turns out in the world of IT there are a group of highly motivated individuals that run their own test environments […]